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Policies & Procedures | MLD Institute International


QUESTION & ANSWER POLICY:  MLD Institute courses are taught with lecture and hands on lab components. Participants are asked to write their questions down, as most are answered by covering the material through the presentation. There will be time at the end of class for any unanswered questions to be discussed while keeping classroom management and time efficient for all participants.

BREAKS:  Two 15 minute breaks are scheduled in the day. One morning break and one afternoon. Material missed for leaving the classroom outside of scheduled break periods is the responsibility of the attendee to receive from another student as the instructor will not repeat the information that was missed. Please schedule your time accordingly, you won’t want to miss a thing.

LUNCH:. A one hour lunch is scheduled mid-day. Lunch is on your own unless otherwise noted.

4.Late Arrival/Early Dismissal: In the event that an attendee is late upon arrival or must leave early, a certificate awarding partial credit for the actual hours the attendee was in class will be made if prior arrangements have not been made with instructor.

5.Camera’s & Videos:  No videos or photographs will be taken in class as MLD Institute Intellectual property rights have been safeguarded in the creation of these courses. Photo’s and videos used in lecture were obtained by patient’s and facilities with authorization for exclusive use by the MLD Institute, LLC for education. You may optionally purchase a DVD to review and retain hands on techniques made available in class.

6.Disclosure:  MLD institute has no proprietary interest or benefits in any way by sharing information about products or services unless otherwise stated.

7.Pre-req’s:  The MLD Institute requires participants to take our Bachelor’s Level MLD Certification and pass both the hands on and written exam with 80% or better to qualify for Master Level studies. MLD courses from another institution do not satisfy this requirement and do not transfer.

8.Satisfactory Completion:  Is defined as:

a.Full attendance of the course
b.Participation in the hands on lab portion of the course
c.Signing in/out on the roster
d.Completing the course evaluation sheet, signing of the participant waiver
e.Participating in class review and final examination with a passing score of 80%

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