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On Campus Programs | MLD Institute International

In today’s competitive job market, students get the employment edge as MLD Institute Int’l partners with campuses like Praxis & Daytona College to bring our specialized training to you. Many on MLD Institute’s Advisory Board have served as educators and P.D’s and understand the goals of directing a successful program that lead to job placement for graduates. Manual Lymph Drainage has become one of America’s most requested modalities of physicians and spa’s and ranks 4th in the U.S. It is an employable skill that compliments a diploma and healthcare licensure. For that reason, MLD Institute offers MLD Specialty Courses and 6-Day MLD Certification on campuses , as well as providing discounts to students and instructors and a percentage split to benefit the campus program.


Everything taught at LTS Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale is brought to your campus. You provide the room, the tables and the students. We provide the didactic and clinical training for MLD Certification with a strong focus on practical skills for employment.

Customizing Your Program:

  • 1-Day Course: Would you like to “try out” a course? The MLD Institute can introduce a one day course to your campus. This allows your facility to get to know our program and teaching style while allowing us to assess your needs.

  • 6-Day Certification Options:
    Option A (Full Week) – Some campuses choose to offer MLD Certification in a full week format. If space is available on campus during the week, we will be glad to bring the course to you. Please allow 3-4 month for scheduling.
    Option B (2 Weekends) – For campuses located outside the State of Florida, MLD Certification is offered over 2 weekends (typically broken up over two months) allowing attendees to take care of home & job responsibilities without taking a week off.


  • 15+ years MLD Instruction from the Clinic to Your Campus programs
  • We provide learning materials
  • We provide research & resources
  • Convenience of students to meet at your local campus
  • Saves attendees travel time & distance
  • Saves attendees money for hotels, gas, airfare, etc.
  • Graduate with MLD Certification for increased job opportunities
  • Percentage split to benefit your campus program
  • Discounted Rate for Students & Instructors
  • We print & provide the certificates We are insured & can provide insurance certificate
  • We provide the hands on and written exam (last day of class)
  • LTS Clinical Documentation & Forms
  • Small Class Sizes (maximum of 20 students)
  • Students who have graduated with MLD Certification have found meaningful employment in plastic surgery, med-spa, hospice, private practice, rehab, in and out patient facilities, hospice, chiropractic and more.


MLD Institute’s Program is taught at an Associate/ Bachelor’s level and designed to create a skilled therapist. It is not a right but a priviledge that requires:

  1. Student to be enrolled in an accredited healthcare professional program that is on campus.
  2. Student must keep satisfactory grades throughout the entirety of the program. If grades fall below satisfactory level, the student will be granted an extension to complete MLD studies when grades are sufficient to complete the program in which they are enrolled.
  3. Student MUST complete studies, receive diploma and become licensed in their respective discipline before offering MLD services in return for payment.
  4. All MLD Institute 101-106 must be completed within 2 years to be eligible to sit for the exam.
  5. Additional conditions set forth by the hosting campus may apply*.

*Check with the individual campus regarding these conditions.