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The LTS Clinic served as a model for many that were designed after it by those who had attended the Lymphedema courses. However, doctors, therapists, educators and national boards would often return with questions – questions that ultimately served as the inspiration for the creation of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) specialty studies.

How do I?:

  1. Take a 2 hr. protocol and fit it into 3-4 units for my facility?
  2. Modify MLD tx. when working on a pediatric case?
  3. Work with a patient that doesn’t have lymphedema but for plastic surgery?
  4. Do MLD and compression bandaging for the client/pt. who can’t lay in the prone position or has other precautions?
  5. Achieve maximum outcomes for the patient yet remain cost & time efficient for the facility I work for to meet productivity?
  6. Approach bandaging protocols for someone who doesn’t have lymphedema, what do I use and how many mmgh should I be using?
  7. Increase patient compliance (a big issue for all)?
  8. Perform a compression wrap that doesn’t slide off a “wine glass” shaped limb?
  9. Best document outcomes for reimbursement?
  10. Perform MLD for palliative care & the research behind it?

Working in the South Florida environment, LTS was in the epicenter of a multi-cultural community that included European physicians who were well versed with MLD and desired MLD therapists who knew the protocols to serve many different conditions, not only one pathology. With their help, research and language barriers overcome, the MLD Institute was born under the watchful care of the LTS clinic’s full time staff with over 30 years experience combined.

Both the LTS Clinic and MLD Institute courses utilize the Vodder-style approach, which is directed toward the practical, clinical application of the modality as it fits in the American health care system. This provides the safety, cost and time efficient outcomes that practitioners, facilities and insurance companies have come to know and now require.

**The MLD Institute has also partnered with the FBI in Medical Fraud Prevention & Anti-Human Trafficking. Information distributed in our certification course was made part of a collaborative effort of the Miami Bureau of the FBI and MLD Institute Int’l to provide the latest information to protect the public as well as ethical practices & practitioners.


South Florida’s proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean islands has made the region a celebration of rich, cultural diversity. MLD Institute’s Advisory Board members speak fluent English, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew and a number of other languages making the vision of international education possible. The MLD Program is  available in Spanish for campus use and is currently being translated into other languages.

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