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Media | MLD Institute International

The LTS Clinic of Ft. Lauderdale and MLD Institute has been an education and research center. Our advisory board has been seen on programs such as the Dr. Man Show, broadcasted on Boomer Times & Senior Life and other radio programs and published in a number of peer-reviewed research journals and articles in major magazines.

MLD Institute As Authors:

As knowledge of the benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage continues to grow, the need for more information does too. That said, MLD Institute has been a contributing author for textbooks, performed book reviews and has published peer reviewed research. Additionally, our advisory board has contributed numerous articles published in leading magazines and medical periodicals.

Whether the need is for public or professional consumption, the Institute has an Advisory Board of topnotch educators that can address the audience you need to reach with the latest in lymphatic information. Please contact the institute to discuss your needs.

MLD Institute Television & Radio Guest Speakers

The venue for education continues through public awareness broadcasts on television and radio. MLD Institute has been a featured guest for: Boomer Times & Senior Life, the Dr. Man Show, WRMB Christian Radio and more. Monthly broadcasts in Boca Raton were heard throughout South Florida as the Institute brought patients, guests and physicians to share their expertise with all.

Today, the demand for more information and education continues.

Questions to ask before planning your show:

Is there a specific topic about MLD you would like to discuss on your show? (MLD for sports, plastic surgery, children, medical conditions, cellulite, compression wear, etc.)

  • Do you need someone with 15 years experience in the field?
  • Do you need the latest research regarding the use of MLD?
  • What resources can you give your audience through your guest?
  • Does your guest have experience presenting on the air?
  • The MLD Institute can answer yes to these questions and more, because we have presented on the air and understand your needs, and most of all the audiences need for concise information.

Articles & Research