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Here in the instructors portal, I have forms for you to fill out to submit your classes so that they can be included in the Schedule and also so that I can list them on the various websites to increase registration.  This information is here so that I can increase your class promotion.


The Course Information Form is here so that I will have all the information that I need to list your course in the schedule and also to assist in promoting your classes.  The more information that I have about each class, the better that I can promote your class and increase your class size and attendance


The Student Registration Form is where your students will register for classes.  If you so choose, you can fill out the form on behalf of your students, but ALL information in this form is "Required".  The information in this form is not only to help us to register the students, but also to create a marketing list so that we can better promote the MLD Institute for future and new course offerings.


In the Web Class Registration form, this will register students for the Website 101 Class and for other IT related classes.  Again, this is  form that you can have your students fill out or you can fill out this form on behalf of your students.


The Venue Information Form is to give us information about the locations in which you will be teaching.  I am currently in the process of locking in special discounts for room rental, hotel rooms and travel for our instructors as well as our students


Instructor Benefits

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