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Glossary Of Therapy Credentials And Certifications | MLD Institute International

ANMT — Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist
An Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist is a licensed massage therapist who has had extensive training in assessing and treating soft-tissue pain. An ANMT aims to balance the body’s central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system through soft-tissue manipulation. Our Massage Therapy Services »

ATC — Athletic Trainer - Certified
Certified Athletic Trainers have studied extensively to prevent, recognize, evaluate, treat and recondition athletic injuries. ACTs generally have at least a bachelor’s degree and have acquired certification from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification. Our Personal Training Services »

CLT — Complex Lymphedema Therapist
Lymphedema is swelling that occurs most often in the arms or legs due to a blockage in the lymphatic system. Lymphedema often occurs in women who have had surgery for breast cancer. CLTs have undergone extensive training to reduce swelling through lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, exercise and skin care. Lymphedema Therapy »

A Physical Therapist with a master’s degree. Our Physical Therapy Services »

CPT — Certified Personal Trainer
A Certified Personal Trainer is skilled in assessing, training, motivating and educating clients based on their individual fitness needs. Generally, CPTs focus on muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Our Personal Training Services »

DPT — Doctor of Physical Therapy
A Physical Therapist who has received a doctorate in the field. Our Physical Therapy Services »

MLD — Manual Lymph Drainage
A Physical Therapist with a master’s degree. Our Physical Therapy Services »

MSPT — Master of Science in Physical Therapy
A Physical Therapist with a master’s degree. Our Physical Therapy Services »

MT — Massage Therapist
A licensed practictioner in therapeutic manipulation of muscles and connective tissues. Massage therapy can relieve pain, ease stress and, in some cases, promote healing from injury and disease. Our Massage Therapy Services »

OTR — Occupational Therapist
An Occupational Therapist helps people with physical limitations accomplish daily tasks of living. OTRs employ a variety of approaches, including exercise, instruction in problem solving, improving hand-eye coordination, and the use of specialized equipment. Our Physical Therapy Services »

PT — Physical Therapist
Physical Therapists treat and improve mobility and strength in people whose physical movement and function has been compromised due to injury, disease or age. They develop and manage individualized plans that include exercise, stretching, massage and use of adaptive devices. A reputable PT has earned a master’s degree and is licensed by the state in which he/she practices. Our Physical Therapy Services »

PTA — Physical Therapy Assistant
Assisting the Physical Therapist, a PTA is a skilled technical worker with an associate’s degree that includes both academic study and clinical experience. PTAs acquire extensive on-the-job training. Our Physical Therapy Services »

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