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Frequently Asked Questions | MLD Institute International

Can I take the class if I am just a student?   YES!  In addition you must have a recommendation from your professor or instructor to be accepted.

Do you offer a MLD Spa Certification?  YES!  We offer a 2 day MLD Spa Certification, please call our office for more details

What board approval does the MLD Institute have?  NCBTMV, Florida CE Broker for massage therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists, New York state massage therapists.

Do you offer the MLD Certifications in Spanish?  YES!  We have bi-lingual instructors and they are able to present classes in Spanish and English

What does this course certify me in?   It will certify you in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a hands on technique developed nearly a century ago by Dr Vodder

What is Bachelors Level Certification?  The MLD Institute program is located on college campuses throughout the United States that offer Bachelors Degrees for Healthcare Professionals.  Your program is taught at the same level in Continuing Education format for currently licensed professionals.

Are there upper level courses after that Bachelors Level Certification? YES! There are Masters Level Courses upon successful completion of the MLD Institute Bachelors Level Certification and instructor recommendation. 

Is there a test at the end of the Bachelors Level Certification?  YES!  There is a 100 question test and a hand drawn exam.

If I fail the test is there a second opportunity to take the exam?  YES! You may take the test up to 2 times at no charge.

How much time do I have to complete my course?  You have 2 years to complete your entire certification. Our MLD Advisory Board Physicians update our course materials twice a year, therefore it is recommended to complete the course work within two years in order to successfully pass the exam.