​​Dr Saskia D'Cote D.C.Ed, L.M.T, C.M.L.D.T.
U.S. Region: Massachusetts

International Region: England | Holland
Languages Spoken: English, Dutch

Dr. Saskia Coté is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Teacher and Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education. She has been helping others for over 27 years. Saskia was called to the Holistic Health field after spending time at the Light Institute in Galisteo, NM. Her education continued back in the Netherlands studying Craniosacral with The Upledger Institute Europe in 1990. The next year Saskia moved from the Netherlands to Santa Fe, NM to study at the New Mexico Academy for Healing Arts. Having always enjoyed the educational aspects of her work, it is with that energy and intention that Saskia guides her classes, conducts her sessions and runs her business. Continuing her own personal and professional development by graduating in April 2008 as a Doctor of C.O.R.E Education. Saskia has designed numerous continuing educating courses that draw on her expansive education and experience. After leaving her position as the Director of Continuing Education at Cortiva Institute – Boston and Hoboken she continues teaching at The Massage School and Ganesha Institute, as well as doing private Holistic counseling sessions over the phone and skype, and is caring for caregivers with Bottom-line Bodywork, LLC. She is a member of the MA Board of Registration of Massage Therapy, and is honored to be a member on the Advisory Board of the MLD Institute International.

Eric Raldiris M.S., O.T.R./L, L.M.T., C.M.L.D.T.
US Region: Orlando, Florida

International Region: Puerto Rico
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, German​
Eric Raldiris is an Occupational Therapist who holds a Master's degree in Health Science education from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is also a licensed Massage Therapist with specialized training in Neuromuscular Body Work, Myofasial Release and Active Isolated Stretching.  He is certified in the use of Microcurrent Point Stimulation (originally called Electrotherapeutic Point stimulation) and also holds certification since 2008 in Holistic Manual Lymph Drainage from the MLD Institute International in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Mr. Raldiris has been a field work educator for over 15 years for both OT students and COTA students and has been a popular presenter of seminars dealing with treatment of shoulder pain at the Florida College of Health Sciences in Orlando.  He has worked in a variety of hospital, outpatient and nursing home settings as well as running a busy private practice treating clients with acute chronic pain.

Elisa DiFalco  M.S., O.T., L.M.T., C.M.L.D.T.
U.S. Region: All
International Region: All
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Gearla Pharuns-Paul C.O.T.A., L.M.T., C.M.L.D.T.
U.S. Region: Tampa, Florida

International Region: Haiti, Caribbean Islands
Languages Spoken: English, French, Creole

My name is Guirla(Gear-la) Pharuns-Baptiste.  I am fluent in English and Creole.  After graduating from Loma Linda University 26 years ago my career has been in the field of Occupational Therapy. In recent years I have acquired my certification in the delivery of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. As a practitioner I'm fortunate to have reminders of why life is precious and why it is to be cherished. Past experiences with sick family members has given me a bird's eyes view of how illnesses can change  the lives of everyone involved. Based on my experiences the healing power of touch is not measurable but rather it supersedes most modalities. My desire is to assist those afflicted with health issues from the core.   

​is an Occupational Therapy clinician and a Certified Holistic Manual Lymph practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the delivery of rehabilitation services to patients and clients in the acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and home health settings. She is a graduate from Loma  Linda University and is currently a Director of Rehabilitation at a local rehab center in the Tampa Bay area.

Elian Oramas L.M.T., Esthetician, C.M.L.D.T.
U.S. Region: Ft Myers, Florida

International Region: Italy
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, French
My name is Eliane Oramas. I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve been living in Fort Myers, Florida for the past 20 years. Being far away from my loved ones and new to a different culture I was feeling touch deprived. I started receiving massages at the local school. It was there that I discovered the power touch and the interest in becoming a therapist. In 2007 I graduated as a massage therapist, this changed my life, I became who I was intended to be. I started changing one life at a time
through touch. I was so anxious for touch to reach multiple people I decided to teach. Since 2009 I’ve had the privilege to educate new hands and really see how powerful touch is and how many people are touched deprived. Since I became a therapist inflammation was a topic that sparked my interest with the years I observed that edema was more and more prevalent in most of the population.
Through a miracle I found Elisa DiFalco with the MLD Institute International and I became a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner. It is my mission to educate, treat and pass on the gift of MLD.

Renee Scioville L.M.T.,  C.M.L.D.T. President Miami-Dade Massage Therapy Association
U.S. Region: Miami, Florida
International Region: All Latin America Countries (Central & South America)
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Chip Pepitone D.D., C.W.D., X.Y.Z.

U.S. Region: South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida

​Technical Educational Liason 

Director of IT Services / Website Design & Development

Languages Spoken: English, Technical Geek Speak

Chip has served in the IT Industry since the beginning of the World Wide Web.  The first websites were created by scientists to exchange information.  Chip started with building and repairing computers and then quickly moved onto Website Technology.   Instructing on the core of what goes into a website and how to Properly create a website that will have a strong impact on your business.

Rachel Lopez  X.Y.Z.

Executive Administrattive Office Assistant

Rachel is the one that keeps all the wheels turning and also keeps us from losing our minds with all the crazy day to day operations.

OT / PT / LMT CE Broker Approved #50-5201   |   NCBTMB Provider # 450512-07

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