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Whether you need it in a few hours or a few days, the MLD Institute Int’l has a presentation that’s right for you.

Our interactive approach has made our courses fun, memorable as well as educational and can be customized to your needs. The MLD Institute has provided over 100 presentations and you can be confident that your organization will enjoy the experience. Below is a list of the popular presentations.

Premiere Day Spa Show Orlando ISSE-Chicago World Massage Festival-Las Vegas Florida Occupational Therapy Association FSMTA Convention AMTA Wisconsin AMTA Georgia AMTA South Carolina AMTA Arizona AMTA Alabama Premiere Day Spa Show Birmingham, Alabama Florida Association of Professional Healthcare Givers

Popular MLD Institute Convention Presentations:

Most courses can be delivered in a 2 hour and some up to a 2 day format. Please specify number of hours you require, and we will help customize your event.

  • Foundations of Manual Lymph Drainage (Lymph Tour USA):
  1. Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Caribbean
  • Lymph Tour USA with Pool Lymphosize (Water Based Therapy):
  1. Attendees do not need to know how to swim. Water event is held in water waist to chest deep.
  • Compression Garment Wear & Care For the Fashionably Healthy
  • MLD Institute’s Exclusive (Boca Lymphlift of the Head, Neck & Face)
  • MLD: Hollywood Style For Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  • MLD: Sports Injuries & Scars
  • FBI & The Law:
  1. (Course was created with the help and cooperation of the Miami Bureau of the FBI anti Medical Fraud Division) 2 hrs.


Please use the checklist provided below when contacting the Institute regarding your event.

  • Event Date
  • Event Location
  • Approximate Number of Attendees
  • Type of Event (LMT, RN, OT, PT, Other)
  • How Many Hours Needed Topic Matter (Select from our list of convention topics, or let us design one for you)
  • Please provide a screen for the event (we provide the lap top & projector)
  • Facility Set up (Tables/Chairs)
  • Internet Access (Is it available?)
  • Vendor table & group policy
  • Who will provide the certificates and credits? We will be glad to provide this service, though some organizations prefer to provide their own.

*We request 6-12 months advanced notice for scheduling to provide your group with all necessary materials and T.A’s for a high quality experience. Dates are reserved with signed contract.

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